This website has been designed for opticians, distributors and purchasing groups.

StyluxTM wishes to protect professionals, but for a limited time, we will offerto the public the opportunity to order one or many products in stock or tailor-made. They must provide us with the name of an optician and his full business contact information to benefit from a 25 % discount. A promo code will be sent to themat the time of their registration.

It will be a pleasure for us to communicate with you, selected optician, for future monitoring.At the time of your registration on our website, you will receive a discount code depending on the type of professional you are, and we will offer you an additional 25% discount on the purchase of your 6 first glasses (not applicable to distributors).

Benefits of choosing a StyluxTM product :

  • Unique patented product (profit margin)
  • Adjustable (face, branches, pressure) ( decrease in inventory )
  • Unbreakable patented rubber hinges (lower rate of return)
  • Peripheral vision (solar :base 8, optical : base 6)
  • Each frame is designed to include a prescription
  • Frame color choices and 5 flat glass colors
  • Comfort and lightness