Stylux™ is the trademark of STYLUX Inc.


Use only one pair of sunglasses for your work, your hobbies and your favorite sport

STYLUX INC. is a Canadian company of the province of Quebec. Stylux Inc. manufactures the sunglasses and optics injected frame in France. Our company uses the most high-end raw materials for each frame (transparent thermoplastic polyamide, best known by the trademarks GRILAMID OR RILSAN), rubber tips and hypoallergenic hinges, polarized lens with hard coating inside and outside including hydrophobic treatment, International Certification CE ISO 12312-1/A1 2015 and American Certification ANSI Z80.3 2015. 100% UVA & UVB protection.

We have a variety of sunglasses, optical sunglasses and optical glasses, a selection of standard frame colors, and other colors available on request.

We want to present our new patented technology (unbreakable and adjustable rubber hinge : see included video)trough a network of professionals. To this end, we will use representatives, specialized salesmen, and groups of opticians and distributors.



55-year-old business man with 26 years of experience in market development. Several functions practised in numerous companies (CEO, Owner, Co-owner, Vice-president, Administrator/manager, Marketing, Sales manager, Cost price, Operating budget, Finances and Production management) in retail as well as in manufacturing. Knowledge of the optic sector/market since 2012 (several market studies done since that time). Ready to market this new patented product. Only owner of the Stylux Inc. company and patents and the STYLUX trademark.


Web master & customer service

50-year-old business man with 15 years of experience on web developpement .


Creation and Manufacturing Manager  

1976-1995, Director of production @ JETOPTICS (100 employees), sub-contractor for Bollé, Solar, Oakley, Cébé, Loubsol, L’amy, Gecel, Airess.

1995 – 2002, Manager of the company PRORIDER INTERNATIONAL « GOLD SILMO »

2003-2017, Responsible for manufacturing @ AROCA, sub-contractor of LOUBSOL.

2017 – 2018, Products responsible for Stylux TM.